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High contrast - spectrum analyser / some things never change

The cameras take images of the product and communicates with a computer. Software then detects certain markers, indicators, or defects in the image of the product to make sure the final product meets the factories standards and requirements.

In 2012, Nikon introduced SeeCoat Blue to the Canadian market. It was the first in a new category of functional anti-reflective (AR) coatings that reduce blue light, while enhancing contrast and helping to reduce digital eyestrain, says Tibor Martz, director of Nikon’s Technical Assistance Groups.

Optibolus bolus shaping software helps you control flow rate, allowing you to manage your contrast media injection while helping to potentially increase contrast media utility. Mallinckrodt’s Optivantage™ dual-head CT contrast delivery system with the optional Optibolus software precisely controls contrast media. By increasing the value of the contrast, it helps you optimize confidence in patient care. Key Benefits:

Yao, Y., Liu, H., Wu, W. Fabrication of High Contrast Gratings for the Spectrum Splitting Dispersive Element in a Concentrated Photovoltaic System. J. Vis. Exp. (101), e52913, doi:/52913 (2015).

After delivering some of 2012's most iconic music, High Contrast returns with another superb single to get 2013 off to a cracking start.

First up, we have the awe-inspiring "Spectrum Analyser" with its immense intro that artfully pairs a driving, mechanical tone with bleepy 8-bit SFX. Massive euphoric builds and catchy melodies make "Spectrum Analyser" an instant crowd-pleaser with buckets of energy and plenty of interesting twists and turns to capture the imagination. With a synth hook so big that it feels like it was created in the Large Hadron Collider, this one will definitely get your particles accelerating!

Flipping over for "Some Things Never Change", this one is full of nostalgic undertones and drifting melodies. With a vintage sound reminding you exactly why you love High Contrast so much, "Some Things Never Change" remains true to its title. Soulful vocal snatches pepper the piece and it's full of that familiar feel-good vibe that has dominated so much of High Contrast's work in the past. If this doesn't warm the cockles of your heart then we don't know what will.

The AET, with the support of the Department for Education, are offering you this ‘IDP: supporting pupils on the autism spectrum’ resource. This resource was originally created as an interactive DVD tool. The ‘Exit’ link therefore does not work , so please close your browser to exit. Depending on your browser and internet connection speed, the films may take some time to start playing

High Contrast - Spectrum Analyser / Some Things Never ChangeHigh Contrast - Spectrum Analyser / Some Things Never ChangeHigh Contrast - Spectrum Analyser / Some Things Never ChangeHigh Contrast - Spectrum Analyser / Some Things Never Change