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No-man - dry cleaning ray (edit) ep


The name no-man was adopted in 1990 and first used on the self-released single, Colours (a Melody Maker, Sounds and Channel Four Planet Sound Single Of The Week).

It starts out with a remix and extension of "Dry Cleaning Ray" which allows for a little more guitar from Steven Wilson. "Sweetside Silver Night" is an unreleased outtake that is just as good as anything left on the album. "Jack the Sax" is an alternate version of the track from the album and it utilizes the same guitar progression as "Wake as Gun" by Porcupine Tree from their . "Insignificance". "Diet Mothers" is a more experimental sound but gives a new dimension to Tim's vocals and also features some nice violin which has been missing since the departure of Ben Coleman who was the regular violinist previously. "Urban Disco" is short experimental sounding instrumental which is a remix of a previous song from No-Man called "Housewives on Heroin". The remix is by Muslimgauze who collaborated with Steven Wilson before working as Bass Communion which is SW's experimental electronic project. Very strange sounding on this . and almost out of place, but it's short. Next is "Punished for Being Born" which is another alternative take this time on another Porcupine Tree song; "The Colour of Air" from "The Sky Moves Sideways". Nice and airy instrumental, but short. The next two are some interesting covers and "Sicknote" is a song that would have fit nicely on the album with a run time of over 8 minutes. A great collection with nothing very repetitive of the album. Worth checking out this . by itself of you can search for the re-issue of "Wild Opera" which features a copy of this as a bonus disc. Quite a variety like I said before and even works great as a stand alone or together with the album. The E,P. itself runs over 40 minutes which is the length of many albums anyway. But it's the variety that saves this one and merits it's 4 star rating. social review comments | Review Permalink
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No-Man - Dry Cleaning Ray (Edit) EPNo-Man - Dry Cleaning Ray (Edit) EPNo-Man - Dry Cleaning Ray (Edit) EPNo-Man - Dry Cleaning Ray (Edit) EP